Entry #1

New Material

2008-12-13 13:22:50 by Rhymezone

What's up!

Me and Kenubo are working on some new material together. His sultry voice and my ear for music is going to be coming very soon! One song is called "Dream in Music", it's a great little song about someone dreaming in music, haha.

Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled for some new stuff coming your way!


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2008-12-20 13:27:17

ha! you spelled peeled wrong. lol.

I working on Dream in music right now.

Rhymezone responds:



2011-07-29 22:17:17

Ah cool, another white rapper. Thank you for reviewing my song and thinking the lyrics were tight. Maybe you could offer some advice on my other songs as well.

What's your favorite Outkast song?

Do you think Kid Cudi's musical style is good enough to make up for his at times lackluster lyrics?

Is Nicki Minaj a sell out or just misguided beat wise? :o

Rhymezone responds:

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of your other songs, I like the accapella approach you take on a few tracks (I'm assuming due to lack of resources), dig that creative touch. Picking a favorite Outkast song is not possible. Can't do it. "Aquemini", "Synthesizer", a couple I've listened to recently.

I think Kid CuDi has good lyrics throughout A Kid named Cudi, lyrics aren't the issue I'd say, it's more an issue of moaning becoming the new singing and his new ventures away from hip-hop. He's working with Dot Da Genius on a project Wizard (rock/hip-hop). Which will be interesting, possibly terrible. Also, his departure from the lonely stoner dynamic that made him popular in the first place. I'd say those are his issues.

I don't like Minaj. Neither lyrically or musically. I have trouble believing she's writing all that she is and she's not just a well-marketed, slightly ghostwritten, mainstream, female emcee on young money.